UnfoldLabs has been selected as one of the "Top 30 Most Innovative Companies in the United States". Take a moment to check out what all UnfoldLabs has to offer here  {local copy article}

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   The very first product of UnfoldLabs - "RedGreen", has been shortlisted as a "Finalist for Fierce Innovation Awards 2018". Take a moment to check it out here  {local copy article}

   UnfoldLabs was elected as the "30 Most Innovative Companies 2018"  by CIO Bulletin. Read what Asokan has to say about his sojourn from Ideation to Innovation here  {local copy article}

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   Asokan was nominated as "The Best Technology Leader 2019" by Top Tech Awards. The original copy of the article can be found here and the local copy can be found here  {local copy article}


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   Asokan spoke about the Walgreens Developer Program & the Photo Prints API on the launch of UnfoldPrints, an android application that makes the task of printing pictures easier – Walgreens covered the press release here    {local copy article}

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