Speaking Engagements in 2012

Date/Location :

May 8, 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana

Conference :

Spring CTIA 2012

Abstract :

Presentation - The device, mobile applications & the cloud

Ubiquitous connectivity is constantly transforming the mobile landscape. Bigger, Hi-Resolution Displays, Larger Memories, Faster Processors have helped increase device and network usage. Higher bandwidth for mobile devices has opened up new possibilities in spaces ranging from digital media to mobile health. All of this has had a huge impact in consumer behavior. Consumers are starting to ask for anywhere, anytime experience today and people don't want to be tied down to devices, platforms or physical spaces when it comes to storing, accessing and consuming data ?user experience has come to the fore-front.

The session will address the following:

  • The evolution of devices, mobile applications and the cloud
  • Making better use of the data overload
  • The cloud as the backbone for the 'Internet of Things
  • Creating a Seamless, Coherent and Integrated User Experience across Devices & Platforms
  • The search for the 'Killer App

Date/Location :

June 24-29, Honolulu, Hawaii

Conference :

IEEE Cloud Computing Conference

Abstract :

Keynote Session : Cloud Based Mobility An Industry Perspective

Moderator :

Leon Bian, Director, LG Electronics Inc, USA Panelists

Sujit Dey, Professor, UC, San Diego; Chief Scientist, Mobile Networks, Allot Communications

Asokan Thiyagarajan, Director, Technology Strategy, Samsung Information Systems America

Chris Pinkham, CEO, Nimbula

Andy Zmolek, Director, Business Development and Solutions Engineering, Enterproid Inc.

Abstract With the explosion of smart phones and media tablets worldwide, ubiquitous connectivity is constantly transforming the mobile landscape. Armed with ever more powerful hardware and increasingly sophisticated software and applications, consumers and enterprises now desire unified user experiences between the traditional Internet and mobile devices. Cloud based mobile computing can provide a foundation of technologies and business. This session will address the current trends, challenges, cloud into mobile networks, cloud-based mobile applications and services, recommendations, etc.

Videos :

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