Speaking Engagements in 2015

Date/Location :

May 26, 2015, San Diego, California

Conference :

TiE South Coast, San Diego Chapter

Abstract :

The Next Billion Dollar Opportunity

The world of technology is rapidly changing and expanding in every area of life imaginable. Disruption, which has been traditionally perceived as a threat opens up the floor for the creation of billion dollar opportunities. Connectivity, Communication, Content, Context and Collaboration have helped startups to become billion dollar corporations in the past few years. Innovation, Ideation and Creativity has brought in revolutionary changes in the Business & Industry landscape (like Whatsapp, Uber, Nest), and has transformed the way people look at life and solutions of the past century.

The session will address the following:

  • Trends to watch in the industry
  • Upside and pitfalls to entrepreneurs while building their businesses
  • Local vs global and how to segment markets?
  • Where is the money flowing in today?
  • How is humanity and crowd reacting to solutions in the market place?

Moderator :

Asokan Ashok, CEO, unfoldlabs

Panelists :

Mark Bowles, Founder, SVP Innovation Kim Kamdar, Ph.D., Partner, Domain VC Austin Murray, Founder, textPlus & JAMDAT

Video available on YouTUBE