Asokan has over 25+ years of international experience in high technology sectors, developing software and communication systems. Asokan has skills blended in technology, business, engineering and management, and is very effective in Technology Management. Highly analytical and an industry visionary, Asokan is a sought after global high-tech industry thought leader and trusted strategic advisor by companies.

A collection of some of his publications are found here.

5 Hurdles for Virtual Reality in 2018

5 Hurdles for Virtual Reality in 20185 Hurdles for Virtual

The Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR) industry has been growing rapidly with the total revenue...

5 Core Technologies that will Transform Humanity and Human Digital Experiences

5 Core Technologies that will Transform Humanity and Human Digital...

It's hard to imagine the world without all the technology of today that have transformed the way we live...

Retail & Artificial Intelligence  - A Revolution in the Making

Retail & Artificial Intelligence  - A Revolution in the Making

Retail, one of the largest industries in the world, totaled an estimated $5.73 trillion in sales in 2017 in the...


A Year of Innovations: 5 Growth Areas from 2008

2008 brought striking innovations to the mobile market. From over-the-air intelligent searching to one-click integration with...ReadMore

Mobile Commerce: Driving Adoption

A few years ago, mobile commerce (or m-commerce) was touted as the next killer application - so what happened? Although mobile...ReadMore

Mobile Advertising - A Tsunami Waiting to Happen

Mobile advertising has been the hottest topic in the wireless industry, with much of the hype driven by the exponential penetration...ReadMore


Information content validation for electronic devices

A circuit device comprises a processing device connected to a memory. The processing device comprises a detection module...ReadMore

Method and system for information content validation in electronic devices

Content validation on an electronic device comprises detecting information content on an electronic device and validating the information...ReadMore


Asokan has built a lot of Software products/solutions in his career – just to give readers a glimpse -- here are some of the products.


2020Applock – Best Applock for Android. Protect privacy of your content on your device (tablets, smartphones) with password or pattern. Best advanced protection applock and it is easy to lock and unlock your apps with 2020Applock.



2020Wallet helps you to save all your Credit/Debit cards, important documents & protects all your passwords in a single app.


Asokan Publishes articles on emerging trends in technology.

NFC & the Mobile Device: Tap to Unlock

Imagine this: You are about to leave work and tap your phone to the sticker on your desk, and your wife gets a message that you...ReadMore

The Future of Mobility – Six Trends to Look for in 2012

The mobility space has undergone some revolutionary activity during the last three years. If 2009 captured record smartphone...ReadMore

Context-Aware Mobile Apps: It's All in the Little Details

It doesn't take too much to get yourself identified as "That Guy" in the usual social situations. You know That Guy. He/she's...ReadMore

  • UnfoldLabs was elected as the "30 Most Innovative Companies 2018"  by CIO Bulletin. Read what Asokan has to say about his sojourn from Ideation to Innovation here  {local copy article}

  • Another milestone knocked out by RedGreen. It is selected as one of the popular application by "".  Take a moment to check it out here {local copy article}

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  • UnfoldLabs was selected as one of the "Top 10 Best Mobility Companies 2018". Read on what Asokan has to say about the changing technology trends and how organizations can align with the new waves here  {local copy article}

  • Asokan was selected as one of the "10 Most Innovative Business Leaders To Watch" in 2018 by Insights Success Magazine.   {local copy article}

  • Asokan spoke about the world of Artificial Intelligence and major trends to look forward to in 2018 – and the details are here   {local copy article}

  • Asokan spoke about the Walgreens Developer Program & the Photo Prints API on the launch of UnfoldPrints, an android application that makes the task of printing pictures easier – Walgreens covered the press release here    {local copy article}

  • Asokan spoke as UnfoldLabs was selected as a winner in Fierce Innovation Awards 2017 in the category of Cloud Services – and the press covered the statement here   {local copy article}

  • Asokan talks about Delays in delivery of hot gadgets from big tech firms here    {local copy article}

  • "Cloud Computing empowers developers & companies to innovate faster and cheaper. It's impressive that you can spin up any server, any operating system and stack in minutes to get rolling. It is far more secure than the traditional on premise systems and it is a better way to run a business."
    - Asokan Ashok, CEO - UnfoldLabs Inc.

  • "Vision is one of the most important sense in the human body. Although there have been huge investments in technology for other diseases, investment in vision research has been comparatively low. With greater investment and new advancements in technology I am hopeful that the future will bring some amazing solutions/Products that will solve many of the vexing issues related to sight."
    - Asokan Ashok, CEO - UnfoldLabs Inc.

  • "Artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy. The LIFE of AI has just started and I am excited at the possibilities of AI making a huge impact on our world. AI has a long way to go, and I don't see it peaking in my lifetime."
    - Asokan Ashok, CEO - UnfoldLabs Inc.

  • "2018 is going to be the defining year for the Internet of Things. The world of connected devices has evolved in the past few years and will start to reinvent innovation in devices. With Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence coming together-the IoT ecosystem will boom."
    - Asokan Ashok, CEO - UnfoldLabs Inc.